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These dreams, photos, videos, art and poems were courageously shared by dreamers and immigration reform supporters across America.

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Sarah’s Story

I am an American living in Spain to advance my education. Even as a legal immigrant, I have been overwhelmed by the unimaginable amount of bureaucratic processes required to maintain my legal status. As I watched the documentary, I empathized with these amazingly ta...

Hannia’s Story

My name is Hannia, I came to this country when I had barely turned 8 and I am now 15 years old, turning 16 in 2 months. I have been in this country for a little over 7 years, and I can honestly say that it feels like home, this is my home. I attend high school. I sup...

Ana’s Story

My name is Ana,and I moved to USA at the age of 5,i lived my life normally even though i had trouble with the language.Within the years i started loving my life there,i felt like nobody judged me,i just felt like at home.Living in a country that you weren't born in i...

Marco’s Story

My name is Marco, and I am a non-immigrant alien from Italy. I moved to USA four years ago at the age of 14 and lived my life as a normal child, despite some troubles with the language in the earlier stages. In the years, I managed to fit in in my high school, made g...

Francisco’s Story

The immigration laws in place in the United States today are obsolete. If they are not replaced by more sensible immigration laws, our country will eventually also become obsolete. Every informed U.S. citizen is aware that there are many conscientious immigrants l...

Silvia’s Story

My name is Silvia, I'm a dreamer and this is my first time telling my story. Friends of mine don't know my immigration status. My family brought me here at the age of 4 from Colombia. We came legally and lived here legally for many years, my parents applied for pol...

Rev. arthur ’s Story

“Of the theory of relativity and immigration reform” Luke 6:31 of the Holy Bible admonishes us to “do to others as you would have them do to you.” Those who oppose meaningful immigration reform within this great nation – led by some of our most powerful and voc...

Paloma’s Story

I support ya'll and I just wanted ya'll to know that we CAN DO THIS! ~ Kilisou Chapur From The FSM

Sitlaly’s Story

My name is Sitlaly and I'm a 19 year old that just graduated from Vallivue High School in Caldwell Idaho. I am the first to graduate high school in my family and wishing into becoming a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Family Care. I want to make my parents proud of...
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