Sitlaly's Story

Nampa, ID
My name is Sitlaly and I'm a 19 year old that just graduated from Vallivue High School in Caldwell Idaho. I am the first to graduate high school in my family and wishing into becoming a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Family Care. I want to make my parents proud of me and have a better life like my parents wished when they immigrated from Mexico. I am a U.S citizen by birth but I have two younger siblings who are undocumented. I support the immigration reform so that my brother and sister and any other young person who were raised here but are undocumented can continue their education and pursue a career that can become successful and happy in their future life. Any young individual who have GANAS to progress in life should get a chance, not olny they are improving themselves, they are improving their families, their communities, and their country for the better. My name is Sitlaly and I support the Immigration Reform.