Silvia's Story

Port Richey, FL
My name is Silvia, I'm a dreamer and this is my first time telling my story. Friends of mine don't know my immigration status. My family brought me here at the age of 4 from Colombia. We came legally and lived here legally for many years, my parents applied for political asylum everything was going great but our lawyer was not. The court day came around and he told my mother that the judge made the decision to not approve our asylum, she asked for voluntary leave but we didn't leave. This was back in 2004, living with the fear of getting a knock at your door is a pain. Why are we here in the country of freedom if we're going to be tied down? In 2012 my mom's worst fear became reality, immigration services was at our door steps, they found us. Worst part of all is I was home alone with my baby sisters and had no idea it was them. We were in DHS the whole day, our records were clean and they let us go though we still have to go for routine checks every two months. I am now an 18 year old, I graduated high school '13 but I'm not happy as I should be. I can't get the financial aid I need for college and I live with the fear that one day my family will be separated. Why are the best people the one who don't get what they deserve? I want to serve this country and be someone known but I can't as of this moment. I guess we all have to stay patient and pray for the best.