Marco's Story

Bristol, CT
My name is Marco, and I am a non-immigrant alien from Italy. I moved to USA four years ago at the age of 14 and lived my life as a normal child, despite some troubles with the language in the earlier stages. In the years, I managed to fit in in my high school, made good friends and even found a girlfriend. We plan on marrying in the years to come. I planned on studying to become a surgeon. Now, all the dreams I had are wavering. My situation here in the US is not letting me to do many things. Even more frightening is that once I turn 21, my visa won't be valid anymore and I won't be able to stay any longer. Every day that passes for me is a day closer to being divided from my family. I can't work, and college is set at a prohibitive price. All I ask is not more of what I have, but just a chance to be like the others; the possibility to build a family and a future for myself.