Ana's Story

Santa cruz,Bolivia, State
My name is Ana,and I moved to USA at the age of 5,i lived my life normally even though i had trouble with the language.Within the years i started loving my life there,i felt like nobody judged me,i just felt like at home.Living in a country that you weren't born in is hard but feeling like at home in that country,is beautiful!I lived in Rhode Island a place where you can find caring,loving and most of all trusting people,people that i truley miss.I had already planned all my life there but the day that i wast least waiting for came,my parents got fired from work for not being legal in the USA,i was devistaded,i was just starting to live my life,the american dream.At the age of 11 i came back to my country,Bolivia.Every minute,every second i'm missing Rhode Island,every night before i go to sleep i say to myself: i promise i'm going to go back. I think the government should feel happy that other people that aren't from the USA love it there and actually look at it like a place where you can make your dreams come true.Everyone says ill get used to living here but its already been 6 years that i'm away from my friends and family,i just miss my life back there.I have Bolivian pride but i also have American pride.I just want to say that we are not different,we are people of good,looking for better horizons,we aren't asking for a hand out,but for and opportunity to contribute to this great nation.Just give those that still have the opportunity to shine and be something in life,let them make their dreams come true.