Sarah's Story

Berriozar, Spain, MN
I am an American living in Spain to advance my education. Even as a legal immigrant, I have been overwhelmed by the unimaginable amount of bureaucratic processes required to maintain my legal status. As I watched the documentary, I empathized with these amazingly talented scholars - just wanting to contribute to our (their and my) country's success. And I thought, "all those representatives and bigotted opposers of common sense immigration reform should have to move to a foreign country and try to gain legal status there". De esa manera, quizas ellos apprenderían un poco de empatía y perdirían sus prejuicios sobre la gente preciosa que sólo quisieran ser cociudadanos con ellos". Y, ya está. No tengo más para decir, salvo "¡Todos unidos, jamas saban vencidos!" Que Dios os bendiga. Saludos de España.